Value Your Trade

Still Owe Money on Your Car? You Can Still Sell or Trade it In!

If you are still making payments on your old vehicle, Ray Skillman Hoosier Ford makes it easy for you to sell it or trade up to a new car. Use our convenient online tool and get an estimate in seconds.

So, How Does That Work?

First things first. Go to our Value Your Trade tool and let us know if you intend to sell your car for cash or trade it in for another vehicle. We’ll get your contact information and some details about your car, such as:

  • Its make and model
  • What model year it is
  • Mileage
  • Its mechanical condition and the condition of the body and interior

Okay, I’ve Got My Estimate. Now What?

Now you have a partial answer to your question, “what is my used car worth?” The next thing to do is bring the estimate AND your car to Ray Skillman Hoosier Ford in Martinsville, IN.

We have appraisal experts on staff who will give your car a thorough checkup. They’ll confirm your vehicle’s condition and ensure it is the right vehicle for our used car selection.

Remember, your estimate is NOT our final offer on your car. We make every adjustment so that you get a fair market value for your vehicle. However, our offer may be higher or lower than the original estimate once our team appraises its value. You can negotiate for a higher price or accept our offer, and we’ll move forward with purchasing your car or applying its value toward a new one.

I Owe $15k on My Car, But it’s Only Worth $10k

If you’re underwater on your car loan, you can still trade it in. What usually happens, in this case, is, we’ll purchase your vehicle and pay off the loan. But that $5,000 difference will be added to the amount of your new car loan, so you’ll still pay it off.

Okay, What if My Car is Worth More than I Owe?

That’s great! We’ll buy the car and pay off your current loan. After we zero out your old loan, whatever money is left will go toward your new vehicle price. That can save you thousands on the cost of your next car.

So, What if I Want to Trade DOWN to Something Cheaper?

Let’s say you bought a Ford Expedition a few years ago when you were still hauling your kids to school and activities. But now they’ve grown and left home, and you’re ready to downsize to a less expensive car.

If you want to trade down to an Edge or Ecosport or even get something fun like a Bronco Sport, we’ll make the process as stress-free as possible, even if you’re still making payments on your Expedition.

Sounds Great! I’m Ready to Get Started!

Fantastic! Use our secure online tool and get an estimated value for your current car, truck, SUV, or van. Then bring your vehicle in with your estimate, and we’ll take it from there. It’s just that easy!

Ray Skillman Hoosier Ford is conveniently located between Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN. Whether you need quick cash from your vehicle or want the latest technology, let us help you get the most value for your old car.